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The Community Foundation Oilhouse

This two-level former industrial building has been completely renovated. Including a wheelchair lift, a small stage, acoustic panels that greatly improve the building's sound quality, restrooms, a green room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and an ATM, this building also features garage doors that open onto a concrete apron out into the park lawn.

Community Foundation Oilhouse-Johnstown-Pennsylvania

How long are Pre-Sale Ticket Prices available?

Pre-Sale Ticket Prices are available until 24 hours before the event. At which point, ticket prices increase by $10 per ticket.

What type of ticket admission is available?

All tickets to "Oilhouse Live" are General Admission. Purchase Tickets HERE.

Is "Oilhouse Live" Suitable for younger audiences?

You must be 18+ to attend "Oilhouse Live",

Will food and beverages be offered?

A full-service bar, accepting cash and light snacks will be available at the venue.

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